What is ECO AirDoctor?

ECO AirDoctor Portable — the first of its kind personal air sanitizer!
● Contains sodium chlorite (NaClO2) as the active ingredient
● Releases chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas
● Works for 30 days in a 3-foot radius
● Designed for travel, public interaction, and everyday life

ECO AirDoctor highly recommends following all published CDC guidelines for cold, flu, and virus protection.


The Power of Chlorine Dioxide

With sodium chlorite (NaClO2) as the active ingredient, ECO AirDoctor uses patented technology to release chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas steadily for up to 30 days.

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In 2017, Samir Haj and his mother were visiting their homeland of Jordan for an exploration of their ancestry and a pilgrimage. A close family friend gave them each a clip-on AirDoctor, telling them these pouches could help keep them healthy while traveling and interacting within groups. Skeptical but seeing no harm in trying them out, they wore the badges and went on their way. When neither of them got sick throughout their journey, even after returning home, they realized there might be something to AirDoctor after all. They researched the product and quickly recognized that they had an opportunity to bring its benefits to the United States. With the intention of making this additional support for overall health available to the American public, they decided to take a chance.

EcoShield, LLC was founded in 2018. He and his mother knew how beneficial a personal air sanitizer could be, especially for:
● Healthcare workers
● People in schools, nursing homes, and workplaces
● Those with compromised immune systems
● Anyone during cold and flu season
● Travelers

After months of diligent effort, their vision became a reality when ECO AirDoctor Portable became available in the US in August 2019. EcoShield has since donated cases of its product to Doctors Without Borders to help global first responders stay healthy while providing life-saving care. The ECO AirDoctor Portable has also gained the attention of medical professionals and pharmacists for its air sanitizing properties. EcoShield is proud to offer this Japanese technology that releases chlorine dioxide to help protect you against airborne pathogens.

What Our Clients Say

During flu season I had this thing on all the time. I even had to take a friend to the emergency room and was surrounded by sick people. Never got sick. I make sure everyone in my family wears one now. Especially my kids at school.

Antonio Trujillo

I love this product!! My personal sanitizing sheild has kept me from getting sick. I started wearing it last year during my travels to Europe. Now I wear eco airdoctor everywhere, to the grocery store, to work etc. I’m a RN at the hospital and this amazing product has kept me well, especially during the flu season. If you are like me and prone to upper respiratory infections, you need this product!

Breanna Champion

Traveling is very challenging for me. It’s stressful, it’s a takes a lot out of my body and I ALWAYS get sick when I travel. The past couple of weeks, I traveled to Memphis and Boston and since its flu season, everyone was sneezing around me. I figured, I’d give Eco Air Doctor a try. I traveled to Memphis and did not get sick. Then the following week, I traveled to Boston with the same Eco Air Doctor and I did not get sick. If you’re like me and tend to get sick while traveling, I definitely recommend this product.

Matthew Magistrado

A friend brought these for everyone on our last cruise of the Mediterranean. I usually always get sick with something when i travel overseas. This time – NADA I came back healthy, relaxed and rested The EcoAirDoctor was so quick, easy ( i attached it anything that was near me, my airline seat belt, my cross body bag, the pillowcase – and did it job seamlessly! Will be buying more Thank you!

Samantha Green

Try it. Use it. Love it. I haven’t been sick yet… have already given to others as well!

Carlo Victa

This product is fantastic. In addition to just keeping one around my home, I bring one with me anytime I’m traveling. If you’re getting on an airplane bus or train – don’t forget your Eco Air Doctor!

Kirsten DiVito

This product absolutely works. I gave them to my team of 8 employees. One employee was missing the day we gave these out, and a month later guess who is the only one that caught the flu. One of our employees managed to even NOT get sick even while living with a girlfriend that has been down with a cold/flu for almost a month.

Patrick Dillon