Originally discovered in 1811 by Sir Humphrey Davey, Chlorine Dioxide is a very volatile molecule consisting of 1 Chlorine atom and 2 Oxygen Atoms.  Chlorine Dioxide, or CIO2, is yellowish green color and has an odor very similar to chlorine.  It’s denser than air and water soluble at standard temperature levels.  CIO2 is also used to destroy waterborne pathogens in drinking water and as a disinfectant in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

In 1944, Chlorine Dioxide was first used as a biocide, taste, and odor control application for the water in Niagara Falls.  Nearly 3 decades later CIO2 would be used as a biocide and odor control agent in thousands of municipal water systems across the United States.  It’s also used in combination with other disinfectants to combat Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium Parvum in public water supplies.  In recent years CIO2 has become an industry standard for secondary treatment of potable water.

How Does CIO2 kill bacteria, viruses, odors, and other airborne diseases?

As an oxidizing agent, Chlorine Dioxide reacts within the cell by disrupting the cells metabolism.  Traditional methods require pathogen penetration in order to eliminate it, allowing the pathogen to build a resistance.  Chlorine Dioxide assaults the outer layers of the pathogen neutralizing the electrons, which compromises and kills the pathogen within a minute.  CIO2 also kills inactive microorganisms, making them unable to build a resistance.

Most bacteria are found on surfaces living together in a type of “biofilm”.  This biofilm is created by a secretion the bacteria produces called Polysaccharide and is particularly hard for traditional sterilizers to penetrate.  When used in appropriate proportions, Chlorine Dioxide can penetrate the biofilm and continue its assault on the bacteria. 

Chlorine Dioxide is used in the medical field and hospitals world wide.

CIO2 gas has been utilized by the healthcare industry to sterilize rooms, counter tops, lab equipment, medical equipment, and other tools.  Chlorine Dioxide safely and effetely eliminates bacterias, microbes, and other potentially deadly diseases.  CIO2 is used to help eliminate Legionella bacteria and Legionnaires’ Disease.

Industrial Applications

Chlorine Dioxide is commonly used by the oil and gas industry to protect against oil souring, increase performance, as well as a disinfectant.  CIO2 is also used across many industries as a way to protect their fluids against spoilage.  The textile and paper industries also use Chlorine Dioxide as a bleach during the manufacturing process.

Food and Beverage Applications

Poultry processing facilities often use Chlorine Dioxide as an antimicrobial agent and the fruit and vegetable industry use it to sanitize the water used to wash their produce.  CIO2 has also been approved in certain food applications by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA.

Personal Hygiene Applications

Dentist utilize the oxidizing biocide agent of CIO2 to treat bad breath in their patients.  Numerous over the counter products such as contact lens cleaner, toothpaste, mouthwash, and oral rinses also uses CIO2.  Approved by the FDA as an antimicrobial agent, Chlorine Dioxide is a main ingredient in many oral hygiene products that don’t use alcohol.