Chlorine Dioxide
Personal Air Purifier

Safe and effective protection against colds, flu, bacteria, fungus, and other airborne diseases for up to 30 days!

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Breathe Easy with Air Doctor

These days hand sanitizers and supplements can only offer so much protection against harmful airborne viruses and microbes.  What if you could somehow sterilize the air around you an “atmospheric shield”?

Introducing Air Doctor, the next generation of air purification and deodorization.

Once activated, our patented personal air purifier begins to release chlorine dioxide into the air around you, eliminating harmful microbes, bacteria, spores, viruses, and odors for up to 30 days!Purchase

How Air Doctor Works

Chlorine Dioxide or ClO2, long considered by the medical industry as one of the most effective antimicrobial agents available.  Utilizing the power of ClO2, Air Doctor protects against germs, viruses, bacteria, pollen, and eliminates odors for up to 30 days.

As an oxidizing agent, Air Doctor also provides the ultimate protection against airborne contaminates and allergens.  Our patented personal air purification technology provides safe and effective protection against contagious diseases like influenza or flu, the common cold, coughs, bronchitis, tuberculosis, and other respiratory illnesses.

Purchase your Air Doctor personal air purifier today and breathe easy!

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Get in touch with us. We’re here to answer any questions.