ECO AirDoctor Portable (single badge)

ECO AirDoctor Portable (single badge)


ECO AirDoctor Portable — personal air sanitizer

● Contains sodium chlorite (NaClO2) as the active ingredient
● Releases chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas
● Works for 30 days in a 3-foot radius
● Sold in pharmacies across the United States
● Endorsed by medical doctors and pharmacists
● Designed for travel, public interaction, and everyday life

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ECO AirDoctor Portable is the first of its kind personal air sanitizer! This patented
clip-on pouch is designed to slowly release the powerful antimicrobial agent chlorine
dioxide, which can help provide protection against airborne pathogens.

For less than 70 cents per day, you can take ECO AirDoctor Portable with you to help
sanitize your air! Great for travel, public places, and everyday life, this patented
technology releases chlorine dioxide in a 3-foot radius for 30 days after activation.

Chlorine dioxide is known to be a strong disinfectant against airborne infectious
diseases such as influenza, common colds, bronchitis, tuberculosis, and respiratory
infections. Chlorine dioxide also:
● Has a strong antibacterial effect, with two and a half times more oxidizing power
than general chlorine agents used for disinfection.
● Is safe to use — the concentration of chlorine dioxide emitted by ECO AirDoctor
Portable is considered safe and is approved by the World Health Organization
● Works to eliminate causes of bad odor.

Purchase 5 or more and receive free expedited shipping in the United States!

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Weight .49 oz
Dimensions 4.72 × 5.43 in